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Tony Archers can repair, modify and re-cover all types of motorbike seats such as vintage, classic, motorbike, quad bikes and choppers. We delight in offering expertly and skilfully crafted work at reasonable prices.

If it’s comfort you require then why not look at re-profiling your seats. We can  re-profile seat foams higher, lower, softer, firmer, gel inserts with non-slip vinyl, colour coded piping rear seats on cruisers restyled wider and deeper for comfort

We offer various services which include:
• Trimming
• Foam reconditioning
• Seat reshaping
• Stitching
• Repairs
• Panel repairs

 We only use durable high quality products.. We will ensure that our work looks as authentic as possible following the upholstery of your seat to guarantee your comfort whilst travelling in style.



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Bikes featuring my seats have featured in just about every UK monthly magazine including

  Scooterins .
  100% Biker.
  Classic Mechanics.
  Classic Bike

We only use the highest quality materials from the finest suppliers around the world. The quality of our seats is second to none.
We offer a 5 star service, advising you along the way and keeping you up to date on the progress of your order. We only aim to make it once!.
Tony Archer can guarantee the quality and workmanship that we provide to our clients with is the best in the business, we excel in our field.
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